Clean Cooking for Public Health

Manifesto for healthy indoor air, free from gas stove pollutants

Health community manifesto

Policies must protect us from the health dangers of cooking with gas

With this manifesto, the health community comes together to caution against the health dangers of cooking with gas, and to demand decisive action from decision-makers to protect the health of all Europeans.

We are asking for policies that:

set strict nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emission limits for appliances and phase out the sale of gas cooking appliances;

support an equitable green transition, by mitigating the costs of switching to clean electric alternatives, especially for vulnerable population groups;

educate medical professionals and inform consumers on the health dangers of cooking with gas.

Gas stoves are one of the main sources of indoor air pollution, releasing emissions that have negative impacts on health. Most notably, gas stove use has been linked to increased risk of asthma in children. Across the EU, it is estimated that 700 000 children would not suffer from asthma symptoms in the absence of gas stoves.

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About Clean Cooking for Public Health

Clean Cooking for Public Health is a coalition of health organisations

Clean Cooking for Public Health is a coalition of health organisations and doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, supported by the European Public Health Alliance, who are speaking out about the health dangers of cooking with gas. The initiative is independent of industry funding.


Want to know more about cooking with gas?

CLASP and EPHA, Exposing the Hidden Health Impacts of Cooking with Gas

In 2023, CLASP and the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) launched a report synthesising the health risks of cooking with gas, quantifying the societal cost, and offering insights on the shortcomings of hydrogen as a cooking fuel. The report also gives actionable solutions to phase out gas cooking appliances across the EU-27.

Piet Jacobs (TNO), Health effects in EU and UK from cooking on gas

Based on existing literature and datasets, the TNO study shows that 12% of the current paediatric asthma cases in the EU (that is, over 700,000 children) could be avoided if gas cookers were removed.

Global Cooksafe Coalition, launch report

The launch report of the coalition exposes the negative impacts on health and climate of cooking with gas, and advocates for the equity dimension of the transition to renewable power. The Global Cooksafe Coalition brings together stakeholders in the sectors of food and cooking, public health, climate change science, renewable energy, aid and development, and property and the built environment.